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What to Buy in Granville road

Shopping on Granville Road is mostly about the Factory Outlets, whether selling rejects and overruns, or famous brands selling end of seasons, but there are also local independent designers offering truly unique garments.

For independent designers see this page, of course it is hard to define the value of a truly unique garment from an up and coming designer, it is either uncountable or nothing, but the true fashionista will of course make their own selections based on their fashion instincts.



Granville Road Hong Kong Factory Outlets
Nowhere in Hong Kong is more famous than Granville Road for factory outlets, it is well known that the factory outlets along Granville Road have been serving customers much longer and with a wider range of choices than any of the other outlet shopping areas.  Visit the Granville Road fashion street to get the best deals and find the most interesting branded and unbranded designs from international and local designers.

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